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Java Push Parsing Skeleton for Bison

From: Dennis Heimbigner
Subject: Java Push Parsing Skeleton for Bison
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 22:10:39 -0600
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I have what appears to be a working
skeleton for adding push parsing to Java.
The following tar file:
contains the following files:

   - the revised skeleton to support java push parsing. The
     skeleton is based directly on the savannah master version as
     of 3PM 10/23/2012. There are some dnl comments at the
     beginning describing the changes. Note that this version
     keeps the extra escaping as opposed to my previous attempt.

   - this provides some extra tests for the push parsing. The revised
     skeleton appears to support the existing tests correctly.

3. javapush.texi
   - This is text to insert into bison.texi. I was not sure
     where it should go, so I am leaving it as a separate file
     as opposed to providing a revised bison.texi.

If you choose to integrate this into the bison repository, note the following:

1. tests/ needs to have the following lines added at the end:
        # Java Push parsing specific tests.

3. javapush.texi needs to be inserted into the proper position in bison.texi.

= Dennis Heimbigner

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