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[PATCH] Allow Bison-generated C++ parsers to compile with -fno-exception

From: Brooks Moses
Subject: [PATCH] Allow Bison-generated C++ parsers to compile with -fno-exceptions.
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 17:28:47 -0800

We do most of our builds with -fno-exceptions, and this causes errors
with the exception-handling code in Bison-generated parsers.  This
patch fixes that.

Bison doesn't actually ever throw exceptions itself (except in one
case where it re-throws an existing exception); this support is
intended for handling exceptions thrown in user code.  We can assume
that if the user is compiling with -fno-exceptions, they are not using
this functionality, so #ifdef'ing out the exception-handling code is
the correct thing to do here.

- Brooks

(Note: Google has a CLA on file with the FSF, and this patch is
included under that.)

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