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Re: Bison 3.0.5

From: Ricky Zhang
Subject: Re: Bison 3.0.5
Date: Tue, 22 May 2018 19:13:31 -0400

FSF projects should not be dictated by those GNU bureaucratic. If we the people 
all agree, we can just move to other places. There nothing and just nothing on 
legal ground prevents us to do so.

See the link here: 

In my entire career, I can never rate my performance by my self. If I can, I 
will get promoted like taking rocket ride. But GNU just did it to themselves 
regarding to their hosting service.

Their logic is not sound, either. Just because the Java script package used by 
Github is non-free. It considered Github is F grade. 

For god sake, can you buy me any commercial grade hosting server which is open 
source and free to modify? When GNU Savannah servers connect to Internet , can 
all their TCP/IP packets only go through open source and free to modify 

If not, what is your point? Freedom of modification software is a great idea. 
But when ideology goes to such extreme, it becomes cults like communism.

We’d better get a poll and make a decision.

Just my 2 cents.

Ricky Zhang <address@hidden>
Signed by GPG. Please retrieve my public key for signature.
gpg --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 6CDEDB4C 

> On May 22, 2018, at 5:56 PM, Paul Eggert <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 05/22/2018 12:31 PM, Ricky Zhang wrote:
>> In any case, if you want to attract more traffic for testing or get PRs
>> from others, I still recommend we should move to Github.
> That's not our decision, and it's FSF policy not to use GitHub because GitHub 
> doesn't provide the sorts of freedom to its users that the FSF insists upon. 
> If you'd like to change the FSF policy, please take it up with the Chief 
> GNUsiance, or with GitHub, or both; it's above our pay grade.
>> I still need to verify you are who you are
> Bison releases are routinely signed with a .sig file; that should be good 
> enough for even the most-paranoid user.

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