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Re: RFC: support move semantics

From: Frank Heckenbach
Subject: Re: RFC: support move semantics
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 23:15:26 +0200

Hans Åberg wrote:

> >    Modern C++ (i.e., C++11 and later) introduced "move only" types: types 
> > such
> >    as std::unique_ptr<T> that can never be duplicated.  They must never be
> >    copied (by assignments and constructors), they must be "moved".  The
> >    implementation of used to copy symbols (including their semantic
> >    values).  This commit ensures that values are only moved in modern C++, 
> > yet
> >    remain compatible with C++98/C++03.
> Hopefully copy only types can still be used. So say:

C++ will automatically copy when copy is available and move is not.


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