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Patch to allow compilation with old compilers (VS 2008)

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Patch to allow compilation with old compilers (VS 2008)
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 16:34:17 +0200

   VS 2008 is one of the "old" compilers that only allow declarations
   directly on the start of a block.
   Different sources found in bison 3.1 were obviously adjusted for this
   already, the attached patch fixes the missing parts.

   The code was verified to raise no new warnings during compilation and
   to pass the testsuite on GNU/Linux with GCC 4.1.2.
   Other tests including valgrind were not run.


   Note: I've also attached a patch for "lib/stat.c" and "lib/stat-w32.c"
   which is included in the bison distribtion but isn't part of the bison
   project. It was also sent to its original author to be possibly
   included "upstream".

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