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Patch for Bison 3.1 and VC2015

From: Simon Sobisch
Subject: Patch for Bison 3.1 and VC2015
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 16:26:19 +0200

   As I was told that only "current" VC compilers are considered for being
   patched I've tried to compile Bison 3.1 with VC 2015.
   Two places needed a patch to allow all sources to be compiled.
   You find a patch file attached.

   a) any use of verify() defined in verify.h raises the warning
   > warning C4116: unnamed type definition in parentheses
   b) the examples cannot be compiled with the resulting bison binary:
   make[3]: Entering directory `/dev/bison-3.1'
           /bin/sh ./build-aux/ylwrap `test -f 'examples/variant.yy' ||
   echo './'`examples/variant.yy examples/ `echo
   examples/ | sed -e s/cc$/hh/ -e s/cpp$/hpp/ -e s/cxx$/hxx/ -e
   s/c++$/h++/ -e s/c$/h/` y.output examples/variant.output --
   ./tests/bison -o -d -v -Werror -Wall -Wno-yacc --report=all
   C:/dev/bison-3.1/examples/variant.yy:21.9-29: error: %define variable
   'api.token.constructor' redefined
    %define api.token.constructor
   Assertion failed: *value == '[', file src/muscle-tab.c, line 352

   I'll leave a possible fix to others.
   I'd still consider the patch worthy to be integrated as long as the
   configure script doesn't explicit forbid the use of VC...


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