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Re: RFC: c++: provide control over the stack.hh file name

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: RFC: c++: provide control over the stack.hh file name
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018 08:47:02 -0700
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Akim Demaille wrote:
    So offer the user a means to (i) decide what the name of the output
    file should be, and (ii) not generate this file at all (its content
    will be inline where the parser is defined).

Another idea would be to generate an empty stack.hh file for now (actually, a file saying only "/* This file is present only to cater to obsolescent build procedures that expect a stack.hh file. */", and do this even if the user does not specify any option at all. This will help warn users that eventually the file will go away, something that should also be put into the documentation of course.

This might be better than doing (i), since (i) would be yet another option that we'd need to document and maintain indefinitely, and users would waste their time reading about that option. Even (ii) might be something we can avoid, if we simply generate an empty stack.hh now.

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