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[PATCH 04/17] style: modernize lib/bitset.h

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: [PATCH 04/17] style: modernize lib/bitset.h
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 13:31:35 +0200

 lib/bitset.h | 50 +++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 1 file changed, 25 insertions(+), 25 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/bitset.h b/lib/bitset.h
index 48bd2300..f48f56f4 100644
--- a/lib/bitset.h
+++ b/lib/bitset.h
@@ -99,37 +99,37 @@ typedef struct
 /* Return bytes required for bitset of desired type and size.  */
-extern size_t bitset_bytes (enum bitset_type, bitset_bindex);
+size_t bitset_bytes (enum bitset_type, bitset_bindex);
 /* Initialise a bitset with desired type and size.  */
-extern bitset bitset_init (bitset, bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
+bitset bitset_init (bitset, bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
 /* Select an implementation type based on the desired bitset size
    and attributes.  */
-extern enum bitset_type bitset_type_choose (bitset_bindex, bitset_attrs);
+enum bitset_type bitset_type_choose (bitset_bindex, bitset_attrs);
 /* Create a bitset of desired type and size.  The bitset is zeroed.  */
-extern bitset bitset_alloc (bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
+bitset bitset_alloc (bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
 /* Free bitset.  */
-extern void bitset_free (bitset);
+void bitset_free (bitset);
 /* Create a bitset of desired type and size using an obstack.  The
    bitset is zeroed.  */
-extern bitset bitset_obstack_alloc (struct obstack *bobstack,
-                                    bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
+bitset bitset_obstack_alloc (struct obstack *bobstack,
+                             bitset_bindex, enum bitset_type);
 /* Free bitset allocated on obstack.  */
-extern void bitset_obstack_free (bitset);
+void bitset_obstack_free (bitset);
 /* Create a bitset of desired size and attributes.  The bitset is zeroed.  */
-extern bitset bitset_create (bitset_bindex, bitset_attrs);
+bitset bitset_create (bitset_bindex, bitset_attrs);
 /* Return bitset type.  */
-extern enum bitset_type bitset_type_get (bitset);
+enum bitset_type bitset_type_get (bitset);
 /* Return bitset type name.  */
-extern const char *bitset_type_name_get (bitset);
+const char *bitset_type_name_get (bitset);
 /* Set bit BITNO in bitset BSET.  */
@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ bitset_test (bitset bset, bitset_bindex bitno)
 #define bitset_size(SRC) BITSET_SIZE_ (SRC)
 /* Change size of bitset.  */
-extern void bitset_resize (bitset, bitset_bindex);
+void bitset_resize (bitset, bitset_bindex);
 /* Return number of bits set in bitset SRC.  */
 #define bitset_count(SRC) BITSET_COUNT_ (SRC)
@@ -281,25 +281,25 @@ extern void bitset_resize (bitset, bitset_bindex);
 /* Return true if both bitsets are of the same type and size.  */
-extern bool bitset_compatible_p (bitset bset1, bitset bset2);
+bool bitset_compatible_p (bitset bset1, bitset bset2);
 /* Find next set bit from the given bit index.  */
-extern bitset_bindex bitset_next (bitset, bitset_bindex);
+bitset_bindex bitset_next (bitset, bitset_bindex);
 /* Find previous set bit from the given bit index.  */
-extern bitset_bindex bitset_prev (bitset, bitset_bindex);
+bitset_bindex bitset_prev (bitset, bitset_bindex);
 /* Find first set bit.  */
-extern bitset_bindex bitset_first (bitset);
+bitset_bindex bitset_first (bitset);
 /* Find last set bit.  */
-extern bitset_bindex bitset_last (bitset);
+bitset_bindex bitset_last (bitset);
 /* Return nonzero if this is the only set bit.  */
-extern bool bitset_only_set_p (bitset, bitset_bindex);
+bool bitset_only_set_p (bitset, bitset_bindex);
 /* Dump bitset.  */
-extern void bitset_dump (FILE *, bitset);
+void bitset_dump (FILE *, bitset);
 /* Loop over all elements of BSET, starting with MIN, setting INDEX
    to the index of each set bit.  For example, the following will print
@@ -368,13 +368,13 @@ extern void bitset_dump (FILE *, bitset);
 /* Release any memory tied up with bitsets.  */
-extern void bitset_release_memory (void);
+void bitset_release_memory (void);
 /* Enable bitset stats gathering.  */
-extern void bitset_stats_enable (void);
+void bitset_stats_enable (void);
 /* Disable bitset stats gathering.  */
-extern void bitset_stats_disable (void);
+void bitset_stats_disable (void);
 /* Read bitset stats file of accummulated stats.  */
 void bitset_stats_read (const char *file_name);
@@ -383,12 +383,12 @@ void bitset_stats_read (const char *file_name);
 void bitset_stats_write (const char *file_name);
 /* Dump bitset stats.  */
-extern void bitset_stats_dump (FILE *);
+void bitset_stats_dump (FILE *);
 /* Function to debug bitset from debugger.  */
-extern void debug_bitset (bitset);
+void debug_bitset (bitset);
 /* Function to debug bitset stats from debugger.  */
-extern void debug_bitset_stats (void);
+void debug_bitset_stats (void);
 #endif /* _BITSET_H  */

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