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Regarding Bison 3.5 D backend

From: lagfra
Subject: Regarding Bison 3.5 D backend
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 19:04:06 +0100


I'm a D user and I've seen the forum thread by Akim Demaille regarding bison 3.5
and its D backend:

I've never contributed to Bison but I'm familiar with it (especially since I've
been using Bison and Yacc on a large C++ project for a while now). It would be
great to have a D backend which is capable of supporting the whole range of
features Bison has, still I have little knowledge of where I should start if I
wanted to contribute. So my questions are:

- Is there a list of features which are implemented in Bison's D backend from
  which I could get an understanding of what's working and what's not? I've seen
  your examples but it's difficult to grasp the limitations of the backend from
  there. Example: I've read on the manual that GLR parsers are not supported in
  the java interface, is it true about D's interface as well?

- Which are, in your opinion, the resources I should use as documentation apart
  from the source code and the gnu manual at [1], if any? I ask since I have
  little familiarity with Bison's codebase and would be nice to have some tips.

- How do you test the various backend and Bison in general? Is there some kind
  of development guide?

Thank you for your help in advance. In the meantime I'll play with bison :)

Best, Francesco


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