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Re: [PATCH for Dlang support] d: change the return value of yylex() from

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [PATCH for Dlang support] d: change the return value of yylex() from int to TokenKind
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2020 19:34:56 +0200


> Le 28 sept. 2020 à 13:42, Adela Vais <> a écrit :
> Hello Akim,
> În sâm., 26 sept. 2020 la 14:43, Akim Demaille <> a scris:
> I will do this. I also started working on LAC and I almost finished
> updating the documentation.

You mean bison.texi?  That's great!  The README file about the implementation 
of the D skeleton is scheduled to be deleted.

>> There's something fishy happening on the CI: the examples are failing.
>> It is not a recent change in the skeleton, it is a change in the toolchain.
>> We now get errors from address sanitizer.  Have a look at
>> for instance.
> Is there something I can do about this error, or it's outside of my reach?

I have no idea.  You should try to reproduce the recipes from .travis.yml.

> I tried to replicate it, but I get nothing when I run
> ldc2 -fsanitize=address calc.d
> I found online only ldc examples for -fsanitize=address for compiling Dlang.
> Can you please give me the command the tests use (if they are using
> something else)?

I could not reproduce this either on this machine (a macOS).  Actually, since 
travis is using dmd, not gcc for d (but maybe we should try that too), I don't 
even understand how it's possible that ASAN finds things.

ldc2 is mature enough?  Maybe the CI should try not online dmd, but also GCC 
and LLVM's support for D.

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