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[PATCH for Dlang support] Fixes for issues 84 and 88

From: Adela Vais
Subject: [PATCH for Dlang support] Fixes for issues 84 and 88
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 01:20:04 +0200

Hello Akim,

Here are the patches for the syntax error that appeared when using `%code
lexer` (issue 84) and the toString method of SymbolKind (issue 88).
I used the latest DMD public release, 2.100.2.

I used the proposed solutions created by ledaniel2. I'll let you handle the
author attribution for these patches.

I want to follow up with a test for the second patch, most probably next
week. I think that one possible test that could use the function can be
created through in
combination with functions from the file, so I will look into this.

Thank you,

Attachment: 0002-d-fix-syntax-error-on-SymbolKind.toString-method.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0001-d-fix-interface-syntax-error.patch
Description: Source code patch

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