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Re: [Bkchem-user] Re: bkchem 0.9.0-pre1 some bugs

From: Piotr Wawrzyniak
Subject: Re: [Bkchem-user] Re: bkchem 0.9.0-pre1 some bugs
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 22:39:07 +0100
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On Wednesday 24 of November 2004 09:31, Beda Kosata wrote:
> I am reposting this letter to the mailing list because I thing that
> maybe the answers will be interesting to other people and because it
> rebounces off Piotrs mailserver with :
> address@hidden on Wed, 24 Nov 2004 08:22:13 +0100
>      The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message
> was sent to.  Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient
> directly to find out the correct address.
>      < ns.vscht.cz #5.1.1 SMTP; 550 Brak rekordu SPF/MX nadawcy lub brak
> poprawnej autoryzacji SMTP!>

Just normal answer. You mail server doesn't have MX record, or is not MX for 
your domain. Mail server gazeta.pl automaticly rejects mails from such hosts. 
It is a new antispam method, but as you see sometimes even good mails don't 
reach me. But generally this email, I use only in usenet, maillists etc. If 
you would like to write directly to me use one of below addresses:
or of course jabber -> signature :)

> > selection points. Maybe it is necessary to do self.paper.unselect_all()
> > at first, or something other, that new library neads.
> I know about it and you are right about the solution :)  However I
> thought I will maybe leave it there to make it possible to do something
> like "PDF screenshot". However it is probably not the way people want to
> have it :) so I will fix it and probably add some switch for those who
> would like to have the "screenshot mode".

That what I dream about is to be able to export only a selection. Exactly what 
I need, is an eps export in the oodraw. After exporting the pappier size is 
also as small, as the picture. That is, imho, a base to write in LaTeX, and 
not only.

> One thing about your template suggestion - it works :)  If you put one
> benzene ring over a bond in another (the tolerance is a few pixels)
> bkchem will automatically concatenate it. In fact the template code and
> the code for concatenation share most of lines.

Indeed! I haven't noticed that! Wow, so at present it is just as I wanted to 
have it. Maybe some other suggestion. It could be much easier to see that it 
is possible, if on the molecule that is not moved appeared marking squares 
for bond or atom, to which new molecule would be connected, when the second 
molecule is close enough.

> > (rpm, deb, etc). At present I must 'sed' files (I know there are only
> > two) and replaces paths.
> I will try to do something about it :)

It is not so important. I've just write that, because at first I have some 
problems during making the packages for my distribution. At the beginning 
bkchem didn't work, and it took me some time to release why :). But seding 
the two files, and replace paths is not so horrible :)

> Thanks again for the bugreports and suggestions (and also the icon - its
> nice, clean and certainly better than anything I would come with as I
> don't have time for it :)

Super that you like it. I've just made some small changes to it. I will send 
it to you in separate mail, from address I wrote at the beginning. 
Best regards
JabberID address@hidden

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