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Re: [Bkchem-user] bkchem on linux ... questions

From: Beda Kosata
Subject: Re: [Bkchem-user] bkchem on linux ... questions
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:52:01 +0000
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Hi Rochus,
I am sorry for writing so late.
I did some experiments with binary release for bkchem and found that it is nearly impossible. The problem is in different version of shared libraries on different systems. The solution to this would be either to provide binaries for different systems built on the respective systems. This would, however mean that I would have to build a binary for Redhat 9.0 on Redhat 9.0, so it would obviously not solve the problem with the boxes :) The other solution is to package every dependency, dependency of dependency (and so forth, ad nauseam) with bkchem, but this would in fact mean building a custom linux distribution (X is one of the dependencies :) without being sure it would work anyway :(

I am sorry that I have no good news :(


Rochus Schmid wrote:
hi beda,

thanks for the prompt reply.

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 09:50, Beda Kosata wrote:


Rochus Schmid wrote:


searching for a replacement of the usual m$word/chemdraw/endnote

i tried xdrawchem and chemtool.
didnt realy like these. combination with openoffice wasnt the way i
expected it, and i had other problems.
just found bkchem. i like python ... so it sounds all great.

you say that one needs python 2.2 which i have ... seems the setup.py
relies on os.walk() ... this is only in 2.3 ? or am i wrong?
other projects rely on python and i do not want to upgrade right now.
guess i can get the stuff to /site-packages manually.

Well, you are right. I have found that in the most recent versions some code that relies on things from python 2.3 has slipped into bkchem. On the other hand version 0.10.0 will require python 2.3 so I don't plan to fix this problem. If it would be possible for you to upgrade python, it would be the simplest solution. I am also playing with the idea of a binary linux build so I will try to prepare one for 0.9.0-final which should be out this week.

ok. is see. my dft code relies on lots of bits and pieces like numeric
python and stuff. soemtimes people changed core stuff in these libs and
i alsways had trouble when i upgraded. so i am reluctant with this :-)
but i see you point.

apart from that i have a problem with ... i guess ... the fonts? Pmw
works ok. demos and tests are fine.
but bkchem (started "locally" because of problem with setup.py) has
interesting little boxes after each letter. see screenshot.

I thing I can guess that you are running RedHat 9.0. Am I right? This is a known problem of this distro. I have read something on the internet about it. RedHat hacked the Tk/Tcl to work with 4-byte rather than 2-byte unicode strings and this is the result... (or at least it is the only explanation I have found). The solution could be to install python from sources, however one user already reported to me that it did not help him. Probably the best solution to this problem would also be the binary build. I will definitely try to prepare one.

ah these red hat guys ... ok. i would have neveer tracked that down but
seems reasonable. and yes: RH9!
just to make that point: my compute cluster is still on RH7.3 and i will
probably not change that ... ;-)
probably i have to make a seperate python for my code and use the
standard for the gui desktop things.

you think an installer could fix the TK problem on RH9? why do all the
Pmw tests look normal?

greetings from bochum


any linux-user who could help me? thanks a lot in advance.
if Openoffice export realy works fine i will be very happy :-))






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