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[Bkchem-user] Postscript export via cairo

From: Volker Schmidts
Subject: [Bkchem-user] Postscript export via cairo
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 18:10:58 +0100
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Hi bkchem users,

I updated to v0.12.0 these days and discovered the postscript export via
the cairo library. until now I always used the piddle export, so is
there anything to gain by using cairo?

The thing is, I have a problem when using the cairo export. I use the
chemscheme latex package to number my compounds in a document. This
package uses psfrag to edit a text marker in the eps file. With the eps
files generated by the cairo export this doesn't work because they are
somehow compressed. With the piddle export everything works fine.

I contacted the developer of chemscheme and he said that he couldn't do
anything about it and I should use the piddle export. Is there anything
you can tell me about the how to use the cairo export with



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