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[Bkchem-user] Generating 2D structures images from 2D (.mol)

From: David García Aristegui
Subject: [Bkchem-user] Generating 2D structures images from 2D (.mol)
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 16:06:01 +0100

Hello, is possible to use BKchem to generate 2D images (png, for
example) from MOL/SDF (2D) files? i see this issue was discussed before
but i don't know how to implement this. Is available an example like
smi2png.py, but working with MOL files? 

BTW, i remember that the old xchemdraw calls the X server to generate
the PNGs, BKChem calls the X server too? 

Thank you in advanced, best regards.

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