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Re: [Bkchem-user] greek letters

From: oc-spam66
Subject: Re: [Bkchem-user] greek letters
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 22:20:19 +0200 (CEST)


> Greek letters work just fine for me. Could you please elaborate some
> more? When you enter the text, does it appear in the entry bar above the
> drawing area? When yes, what happens when you hit enter - an error
> message, no text is displayed? What happens when you mix greek and latin
> letters?

I tried to write different things and I tell the output read on the bkchem window after hitting "enter" :

& -> & (correctly interpreted)
< -> < (correctly interpreted)
α -> α (not interpreted)
Aaα -> Aaα (not interpreted)
Aaα -> Aaα (not interpreted)
Aa -> Aa in italics (correctly interpreted)
× -> I get the right sign "times"
× -> × (not interpreted)

There was no error. Just that some inputs don't seem to be interpreted.



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