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[Bkchem-user] New chemical software

From: remy d1
Subject: [Bkchem-user] New chemical software
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 16:41:01 +0100


I have just finished the 0.5 version of my new software "ChemAzTech". It uses the following softwares :
- JChemPaint Applet,
- MyChem,
- JMol,
- OpenBabel
(+ OASA library)

Thanks to everyone who developped these software. There are very usefull. (I hope there is no problem due to license (it's GNU GPL(...), so I think it would not be any problem (if there is one, email me)...))

You can find it at sourceforge with a small description :

( It includes Jmol, JCP applet, PHPIDS, HTMLPurifier and FPDI... ).

ChemAzTech is a LAMP (Linux, Apache MySQL, PHP) software, to manage a chemical database with all properties of a product. You can add/edit a structure, do substructures search, manage users and groups, import products from some usefull softwares, export in PDF, structures in PNG, export SDF/Smi listing, export in CSV the properties...
It's avalaible in french and in english.

Lots of requirements (...) needed : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, python, java, openbabel, OASA library, TCPDF, MyChem (cmake needed).
[For the moment, I think it is " (small) PreAlpha software", and I did it alone. So do not worry and do not be severe with it/me if there is some bugs or if it is not user-friendly]

Like every OpenSource software, I hope that some people would be interested to join the project or in any kind of help (development, translation (my english is not fabulous...)).
If you just want to use it, no problem (it is cool :) ), but if you see a bug, please report it.


Rem D.

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