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Re: [Bkchem-user] General suggestions on bkchem documentation on Mac

From: Jerome Pansanel
Subject: Re: [Bkchem-user] General suggestions on bkchem documentation on Mac
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2022 17:36:06 +0200
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It seems that the last of BKChem is quite old (2010). It need probably some rewriting to write on recent OS. I just tested, toue v0.14 source works perfectly with Ubuntu 18.04.

If some of you are interested, I may create a fork on github and update the code.



Le 23/09/2022 à 10:45, Alexander Thurgood a écrit :
Hi Mingye,

I'd forgotten I was even signed up to this list, thanks for reminding me :-)

As far as I'm concerned, bkchem no longer ran at all on the latest x64 release of macOS, let alone on the newer Arm M1 silicon.

I can't get the 10.5 bundle to run on my M1 Macbook. As you point out, macOS refuses to launch it, indicating that the developer needs to update the program as support for x86 instruction execution no longer exists.

I also seem to have python3 as the default python environment as well, so starting the unzipped package from the command line also does not work.

This is with macOS Monterey (12.6).

I'd guess there would be quite a way to go to get a bkchem bundle up and running again on current macOS, unless the bundle includes the whole python 2.7 framework.


Le 23/09/2022 à 05:33, Mingye Wang a écrit :

I am just an unwilling mac user looking to draw molecules without
jumping through licensing hoops. May I offer some suggestions on
bkchem's mac-related documentation?

* The FNA section for Macs should be replaced by the awesome macOS
10.5 bundle. That thing has its own problems, but it is more up to
date at least in form. (Or if you want to maintain the "run the
source" feel, you could just point to the official python.org 2.7.16
package. It has a built-in Tk too!)
* The macOS 10.5 archive needs -- surprise -- updating after macOS
ditched 32-bit x86 support. A newer release of Platypus should do, and
as we speak I am trying to get one packed.

Oh right, speaking of Python 2. I think the INSTALL instructions
should add a comma after "BKChem will run only on Python 2.5 or
newer": "but not Python 3". Please ignore me if it has been already
added -- the two Gitorious links are 404'ing for me, so I can't check
them myself.

Oh oh PPS. The mailing list link in "How can you help" does not seem
to work. Use https://lists.nongnu.org/mailman/listinfo/bkchem-user.

Mingye Wang (Artoria2e5)

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