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trying to find the correct version

From: John B. Garrison
Subject: trying to find the correct version
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 11:21:22 -0400

Good Morning,  We at Robinson Mfg Co. have been using a2ps version
         Description: Ascii to PostScript printer program.                    */
        /* File: imag:/users/local/a2ps/a2ps.c                                  */
        /* Created: Mon Nov 28 15:22:15 1988 by address@hidden (Miguel Santana)    */
        /* Version: 2.0
for about 7 years with very happy results.  we have never had a single problem printing to HP printers.  BUT, we are currently in the process of testing new digital copiers (Canon and Gestetner) and they come with Postscript Level 3. which I understand is not backward compatible.  we have a NCR system and I was wondering if going to a new version of A2PS would solve my problem.

John B. Garrison
System Administrator
Robinson Manufacturing Co., Inc.
(423) 775-8340


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