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a2ps 4.13 --medium=a4

From: Patteeuw, Jack (J.J.)
Subject: a2ps 4.13 --medium=a4
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 15:39:39 -0500

The "--medium=a4" switch formats the "page" within the boundaries of a sheet
of a4 paper but it does not actually select the tray on the printer
containing a4 paper as defined by the InputAttributes dictionary (pg 239,
PostScript Language Reference Manual, Second Edition).

I suggest that the next version of a2ps include the "appropriate" the
setpagedevice PostScript command(s) to tell the printer which paper size the
user desires.  The following I believe should select a4 paper on a printer
whose InputAttributes dictionary knows where the a4 paper can be found !!

<</PageSize [595 842] >> setpagedevice

Jack Patteeuw
Ford Motor Company
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