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a2ps display wrong intrinsic function names

From: Luc Maisonobe
Subject: a2ps display wrong intrinsic function names
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001 09:47:13 +0100


We have found a funny bug in a2ps 4.12 while trying to display the
following fortran file :

      double precision function gasp (y, x)
      double precision y, x
      gasp = atan2 (y, x)

The following command line works well :

   a2ps -P display --highlight-level=none gasp.f

However, when we try to use the pretty-printing features, the atan2
intrinsic function is shown as cabs !

   a2ps -P display --highlight-level=normal gasp.f

 Luc Maisonobe - DTS/MPI/MS/AM       |  Tel  : (33) 05-61-28-26-31
            CNES                     |  Fax  : (33) 05-61-27-35-40
     18 avenue E. Belin              |
 31401 Toulouse CEDEX 4 - FRANCE     |  Email: address@hidden

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