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out of paper printing + ugly output

From: Damir Herman
Subject: out of paper printing + ugly output
Date: 19 Feb 2001 23:25:57 EST


I have a problem which may seem standard but it is not.

I have red all the man pages I could possibly think of (a2ps, gs, gv)
and I still cannot resolve the problem.

The thing is that when I a2ps an ascii file it looks nice with gv but once
I print it out, the right margin disappears and the printer actually wants
to print over the side of the paper. My default is Letter (I checked that
more than once), even explicitly --medium=Letter does not do any better.
The fun part is that if I don't send the a2ps output to printer but save
it as a file and then ps2pdf that file to pdf, everything is fine, at
least as far the margins and placement are concerned. 

So, I checked gs default and it is also Letter. I have no idea what to do
about the printer settings either, because my ps files generated using
LaTeX come out right.

Also, it seems as if there is no enough toner in the printer for the pages
generated with a2ps (which is kinda ugly). The same appears for the pdfs
generated from a2ps postscripts. However, reprints from the web come out
right from the same printer.

Do you have any ideas/suggestions?

I have attached an example if what I just explained. The /etc/a2ps* files are
original and my .a2ps/a2psrc contains only

Options: --medium=Letter
UserOption: mail -Email -g --strip=1

Thanks a lot. All the best,



Damir Herman
Case Western Reserve University
Physics Department
Cleveland OH 44106-7079

Phone:  (216) 368-4026  
Fax:    (216) 368-4671

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