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ERROR with CUPs of LinuxMandrake 7.2

From: Jacky Keung
Subject: ERROR with CUPs of LinuxMandrake 7.2
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 22:55:12 +1100

I am a linux Madrake 7.2 user,  I love yor a2ps program, but unfortunately, eversince i installed the new linux mandrake 7.2 system, it seems incompatible, my printer demon uses a CUPs from mandrake linux.
it works perfecly okey with previous version of linux Mandrake 7.1 which uses the standard lpd...
when I print out a page with a2ps on A4 paper, it prints out of margin and some could not be able to printed on the paper.
please help...

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