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plain and binary

From: Anne-Marie Pocquet
Subject: plain and binary
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:14:47 +0200


  I write you because I have a little problem that I do not
understand at all. Here it is:
        - 2 files are quite similar: 
                - constantes.french.php contains french messages,
                - constantes.english.php english ones,
        - the command is the following:
                a2ps -P lwtci --toc *.php
        - I get the following result:
                [constantes.english.php (plain): 2 pages on 1 sheet]
                [constantes.french.php (binary): ignored]
Could you, please help me to discover why it does not work, as the
two files are quite similar? It is the same for other php files. Some
are accepted, other ones considered binary and refused.

I really thank you for your help. Sincerely,

        Anne-Marie Pocquet

POCQUET Anne-Marie 
E-mail @: address@hidden

Tel     : (33)(
Fax     : (33)(

118, Rte de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex

//======================== MESSAGES D'ERREUR ================================
$XERR_NO_BASE= "<hr>--- ERROR: No Data Base. ";

$XERR_FINFIC= "<hr>--- ERROR: Unexpected end of file after: ";
$XERR_BIBTEX= "<hr>--- ERROR: BibTEX syntax error near: ";
//$XERR_MySQL=  'echo "<hr>--- MySQL ERROR <br> number ", mysql_errno(), ": 
<br>", mysql_error(), "<hr>";';
$XERR_MySQL=  " MySQL ERROR number ". mysql_errno(). ": ". mysql_error();

$XERR_NOMTAB_ABSENT= "<hr>--- ERROR: MySQL table name missing <hr>";
$XERR_BIBTEX_ABSENT= "<hr>--- ERROR: BibTeX file name missing <hr>";
// $XERR_OPER_ABSENTE = "<hr>--- ERROR: Type of action missing <hr>";
$XERR_OPER_ABSENTE = " Type of action missing ";

$XMESS_TABLE_CREE= 'echo "<hr>--- Structure of MySQL table has been defined 
successfully.  <hr>";';

$XMESS_TABLE_REMPLIE= 'echo "<hr>--- MySQL table has been filled successfully 
from BibTeX file.  <hr>";';
$XMESS_TABLE_NON_REMPLIE= 'echo "<hr>--- No entry has been inserted in MySQL 
table. Please, check BibTeX file.<hr>";';

$XMESS_TABLE_VIDEE= 'echo "<hr>--- MySQL table has been cleared successfully.  
$XMESS_TABLE_DETRUITE= 'echo "<hr>--- MySQL table has been deleted 
successfully.  <hr>";';

$XWARN_CHAINE= "<br>--- WARNING: Right part supposed unclosed near: ";
$XWARN_FIELD = "<br>--- WARNING: Invalid field ignored: ";

$XACTION_CREATE= "<HR>--- ACTION: Define New Table ";

//========================= ADMIN_BIBLIO =====================================

$XADMIN_BIBLIO_TITLE= "Bibliography Administration";
$XADMIN_BIBLIO_LABEL1= "Search in Bibliographical Database";
$XADMIN_BIBLIO_LABEL2= "Creation of a new MySQL table from a BibTeX file";

$XADMIN_BIBLIO_DB_NAME= " Data Base Name";

$XTABLE_LIST_TABLES= " List of Tables ";
$XTABLE_DEFINE= " Define New Table ";
$XTABLE_FILL  = " Fill from BibTeX File ";
$XTABLE_FILL1  = " Fill Table ";
$XTABLE_FILL2  = " from BibTeX File ";
$XTABLE_SEARCH= " Search";
$XTABLE_EMPTY = " Empty";
$XTABLE_DELETE= " Delete";


//========================= MAIN_CREATE =====================================

$XMAIN_CREATE_TITLE= "Administration of table";

//========================= MAIN_SEARCH =====================================

$XMAIN_SEARCH_TITLE= "Search in Bibliographical Table";

//========================= HELP_BIBTEX ======================================

$XHELP_TITLE= "Help on BibTeX";

//======================== MESSAGES D'ERREUR ================================
$XERR_NO_BASE= "<hr>--- ERREUR: Pas de base de données. ";

$XERR_FINFIC= "<hr>--- ERREUR: Fin de fichier non attendue après: ";
$XERR_BIBTEX= "<hr>--- ERREUR: Syntaxe BibTEX incorrecte près de: ";
$XERR_MySQL=  " MySQL ERREUR numéro ". mysql_errno(). ": ". mysql_error();

$XERR_NOMTAB_ABSENT= "<hr>--- ERREUR: Nom de la table MySQL absent <hr>";
$XERR_BIBTEX_ABSENT= "<hr>--- ERREUR: Nom du fichier Bibtex absent <hr>";
// $XERR_OPER_ABSENTE = "<hr>--- ERREUR: Type de traitement absent <hr>";
$XERR_OPER_ABSENTE = " Type de traitement absent ";

$XMESS_TABLE_CREE= 'echo "<hr>--- La structure de la table MySQL a été définie 
correctement  <hr>";';

$XMESS_TABLE_REMPLIE= 'echo "<hr>--- La table MySQL a été correctement remplie 
à partir du fichier BibTeX.  <hr>";';
$XMESS_TABLE_NON_REMPLIE= 'echo "<hr>--- La table MySQL ne contient aucun 
enregistrement. Vérifier la validité du fichier BibTeX choisi.<hr>";';

$XMESS_TABLE_VIDEE= 'echo "<hr>--- La table MySQL a été vidée correctement 
$XMESS_TABLE_DETRUITE= 'echo "<hr>--- La table MySQL a été détruite 
correctement  <hr>";';

$XWARN_CHAINE= "<br>--- WARNING: Partie droite supposée non fermée près de: ";
$XWARN_FIELD = "<br>--- WARNING: Champ invalide et ignoré: ";

$XACTION_CREATE= "<HR>--- ACTION: Define New Table ";

//========================= ADMIN_BIBLIO =====================================

$XADMIN_BIBLIO_TITLE= "Gestion de la bibliographie";
$XADMIN_BIBLIO_LABEL1= "Consultation bibliographique";
$XADMIN_BIBLIO_LABEL2= "Cr&eacute;ation d'une nouvelle table MySQL à partir 
d'un fichier BibTeX";

$XADMIN_BIBLIO_DB_NAME= " Nom de la Base de Données";
$XADMIN_BIBLIO_FORM_NAME= " Nom de la table";

$XTABLE_LIST_TABLES= " Tables existantes ";
$XTABLE_DEFINE= " Définir la nouvelle table ";
$XTABLE_FILL  = " Remplir à partir du fichier BibTeX ";
$XTABLE_FILL1  = " Remplir la table ";
$XTABLE_FILL2  = " à partir du fichier BibTeX ";
$XTABLE_SEARCH= " Chercher ";
$XTABLE_EMPTY = " Vider ";
$XTABLE_DELETE= " Détruire ";

$XADMIN_BIBLIO_FORM_SUBMIT= "Ex&eacute;cuter";

//========================= MAIN_CREATE =====================================

$XMAIN_CREATE_TITLE= "Gestion de la table";

//========================= MAIN_SEARCH =====================================

$XMAIN_SEARCH_TITLE= "Consultation bibliographique de la table";

//========================= HELP_BIBTEX ======================================

$XHELP_TITLE= "Aide BibTeX";

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