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patch correcting a bug with atan2 fortran keyword

From: Luc Maisonobe
Subject: patch correcting a bug with atan2 fortran keyword
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:58:37 +0200


When using a2ps to print fortran files, each occurrence of the atan2
intrinsic function appears as cabs !

It seems the reason of this behaviour is a missing comma in the
for77kwds.ssh file. The following patch should correct this.


 Luc Maisonobe - DTS/MPI/MS/AM       |  Tel  : (33) 05-61-28-26-31
            CNES                     |  Fax  : (33) 05-61-27-35-40
     18 avenue E. Belin              |
 31401 Toulouse CEDEX 4 - FRANCE     |  Email: address@hidden
diff -u -r a2ps-4.12.orig/sheets/for77kwds.ssh a2ps-4.12/sheets/for77kwds.ssh
--- a2ps-4.12.orig/sheets/for77kwds.ssh Sat Jan 23 17:11:36 1999
+++ a2ps-4.12/sheets/for77kwds.ssh      Thu Jul 12 08:50:48 2001
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
 # I'd like to switch to 'Keyword' instead of 'Keyword_strong' here ?!
 keywords in Keyword_strong are
   abs, acos, aimag, alog10, amax0, amax1, amin0, amin1, amod, anint,
-    asin, atan, atan2
+    asin, atan, atan2,
   cabs, ccos, cexp, clog, cmplx, conjg, cos, cosh, csin, csqrt,
   dabs, dacos, dasin, datan, datan2, dble, dcos, dcosh, ddim,

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