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A detail in cpp pretty printing.

From: ere
Subject: A detail in cpp pretty printing.
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 18:47:29 -0400


I just submit this as potential improvment to a2ps. When a CPP, C or C++
file contains a line like :

#       include <toto.h>

``include'' is not bold as it is not precede by 0, 1 or more blank but by a
tabulation. I don't know if this is part of the CPP specification, but if so,
you just have to change the cpp.ssh file as follow :




or something that means that a tab caracter is allowed between # sign and the
CPP keyword.

Best regards,
Eric Renault
Cyber security Research Group
Institute for Security Technology Study
Dartmouth College
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Hanover, NH 03577, USA

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