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problem using a2ps with option -1

From: Goettel, Olaf
Subject: problem using a2ps with option -1
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 19:35:42 +0100


I use a2ps version 4.13 LPRng (3.6.24) and apsfilter (6.1.1). 

Trying to print an ASCII file landscape, with a small font size to get 132
character per line rather than 80, on a single virtual page seemed to be

apsfilter calls a2ps with the following command line:
a2ps -M A4dj --center-title=/etc/hosts '-bPrinted by root from redhat' -X
iso1 -g --font-size=8 -1 --borders=no --no-header -r -q -o -

man a2ps
     -1, -2, ..., -9
              predefined  font sizes and layouts for 1.. 9 virtual

But the a2ps command seems to ignore parameters when the "-1" is given e.g.
the font-size, ... .


Olaf Goettel

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