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Error when doing ps2ps

From: Vibhu AV
Subject: Error when doing ps2ps
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 13:51:10 -0700 (PDT)


First of all, I must say that I use the a2ps quite extensively, and it
is very useful. Thank you very much for making it available (that too, free)!

However, I have problems converting a ps to a ps:

I have a ps file, which I want to convert it to landscape mode, 
with 2 columns each page. Using a2ps 4.12 on a sun solaris, I did:

a2ps --landscape --columns=2 -o y.ps feedback.ps

I get an error:

awk: syntax error near line 2
awk: illegal statement near line 2
[feedback.ps (ps, delegated to PsNup): 1 page on 1 sheet]
[Total: 0 pages on 0 sheets] saved into the file `y.ps'

With a2ps 4.13, I get a different errro message:

/home/vibhu/q/a2ps-4.13/src/a2ps --landscape --columns=2 -o y.ps feedback.ps


a2ps:/usr/local/share/a2ps/sheets/sheets.map:50: unexpected character `*'

Is there something I am missing? Or, is this too much for a2ps
to do? I will attach the feedback.ps FYI.

Vibhu Veerabadrappa                              Synopsys Corporation
Sr. CAE, Apollo/Astro                              408-390-3021 (C)
mailto:address@hidden                          510-398-7349 (O)

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