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Re: A2PS - Can't change Medium

From: James Arnone
Subject: Re: A2PS - Can't change Medium
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 16:31:04 -0700 (MST)


 Rule #1 - Always take a coffee break before writing up a problem that may
           not exist,

Accept my apology for sending the non-problem report below. The a2ps
system configuration files are in the /usr/local/etc/ directory by 
default. I manually put a copy in the /etc directory because that's where
I found them on my ISP's system. The a2ps manual indicates:

>1. the system configuration file (usually `/usr/local/etc/a2ps.cfg') 
>    unless you have defined the environment variable `A2PS_CONFIG', 
>    in which case a2ps reads the file it points to; 

The first time the a2ps program was built on my system, the system
configuration files were setup with the A4 medium default.  Subsequent
builds (even when "rm -rf"ing the build directory) did not cause the real
system configuration files to be overwritten, which makes sense since
doing so would wipe out a site's normal defaults.

Perhaps adding a note in the documentation that system configuration files
are NOT overridden on a make install request might help another novice
from making the same mistake.  That assumes that that person reads the
manual, of course.

Thanks for your patience,


| Jim Arnone  voice: 602-843-8075 | Arnone Software Consulting Inc |
|               fax: 602-843-4466 | 3622 West Calavar Road         |
|        internet: address@hidden | Phoenix, Arizona 85053-5514    |

On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Jim Arnone wrote:

> I am attempting to install the 4.12 version of a2ps on a mandrake linux
> system and cannot seem to be able to change the paper medium from A4 to
> Letter format. I
> have changed the default values in the configure and configure.in files
> and scanned every directory with grep looking for instances of the
> string A4.  I've setup the /etc configuration files too. Nothing at the
> system level seems to work.  Only the command line "--medium=Letter"
> makes a difference.  I must be missing something!
> Is there any way to make "Letter" the system default for the medium?
> Thanks,
> Jim Arnone
> Phoenix, AZ

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