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non-binary binary file

From: Bart Locanthi
Subject: non-binary binary file
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:07:45 -0700
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[s.xml (binary): ignored]

there are no non-printing characters in this file, so i don't understand why 
a2ps says it's binary.

first problem i've ever had with a2ps - what a great program!
<!-- copyright 2002 unigrok -->
<html xmlns="appserver">
        <style css="home.css"/>
        <a href="h.xml?src=s.xml">source code</a><br/>
        <db conf="crap.xml">
                                <loop sa="login|first|last|phone">
                                        <th><eval s="{1:}"/></th>
                        <loop sql="select * from loser">
                                                <!-- too bad you can't make a 
whole row a link -->
                                                <a href="loser.xml?uid={1:uid}">
                                                        <eval s="{1:login}"/>
                                        <loop sa="first|last|phone">
                                                        <eval s="{2:{1:}}"/>

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