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Printing with "-=mail"

From: Joachim Backes
Subject: Printing with "-=mail"
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 14:43:56 +0100 (CET)


when printing an e-mail stored in a file using the following

        a2ps -=mail ..filename..

then German "umlauts" like ä or Ä are coded wrong in the
generated PostScript file :-((

On the other hand, if the mail file contains the mail
header in a appropriate order (From:,...), then it's not
needed to call a2ps with the "-=mail" option, because
a2ps recognizes automatically the ail format of this
file, and in this case, umlaut's are coded corerctly :-))

Any issue or similar experience?


Joachim Backes


Joachim Backes <address@hidden>       | Univ. of Kaiserslautern
Computer Center, High Performance Computing  | Phone: +49-631-205-2438 
D-67653 Kaiserslautern, PO Box 3049, Germany | Fax:   +49-631-205-3056 
WWW: http://hlrwm.rhrk.uni-kl.de/home/staff/backes.html  

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