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Problem with HTML

From: Vivek Achary
Subject: Problem with HTML
Date: 18 Feb 2003 14:48:50 +0530


Thanks to all you guys for your efforts. I heard Dr Stallman when he was
here in India last week - I think it's really great what you are doing.

Wondering if you could give me some pointers - I tried to use a2ps and
it works fine - except when I try to convert html to ps. I got these
address@hidden vivek]$ a2ps -o test.ps test.html
sh: line 1: netscape: command not found
[test.html (html, delegated to Netscape): failed. Ignored]
[No output produced]
I am using Mozilla on Redhat 8.0. Is there some setting to be changed or
am I doing something else wrong? I need to convince folks here that GNU
tools really "work" and would appreciate your guidance greatly.

Thanks for your time.


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