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a2ps package for Linux Red Hat 8.0

From: sanjay
Subject: a2ps package for Linux Red Hat 8.0
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 11:42:06 +0530
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I just Have installed linux red hat 8.0 on my system.I was required to convert html documents to pdf .I tried to convert html to ps format by giving command:
a2ps test.html
I'm having mozilla bowser on my system Will it make any difference as I have replaced the word netscape with mozilla in a2ps.conf file in /etc/ directory?
when i try with above command it gives error like
Failed to send command
[test.html (html,delegated to mozilla]:failed. Ignored]
[No output produced]

Please Can you help me out ?where I'm wrong in sending command?

With Regards;
Sr.System Eng.
(JcastNetworks (India) Pvt. Ltd.}

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