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a2ps 4.13: bash'ism shell expansions

From: Jan Stocker
Subject: a2ps 4.13: bash'ism shell expansions
Date: 06 Mar 2003 09:34:37 +0100

some tests in the configure script wents wrong on a non-Linux system
because you are using some bash specific stuff. This leads p.e. to an
installation of the two elisp files in the "/" root directory if no
emacs is installed rather than not copying 'em. The bashism mechanism
i'm talking about is a very small one and fast to replace:

$(INCORRECT_EXPANSION) using parenthesis, instead of
${CORRECT_EXPANSION} using curly brace.

Maybe this also is the problem descriped in your FAQ "configure fails
under BSD". It would be nice to get this fixed in your original
distribution, so all non-Linux systems (where bash isn't the default
shell) can use it simple and the ports can be small. Else all port
maintainers need to get this fixed.

Best regards,
        Jan Stocker

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