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a2ps header date is always Dec 14 02 6:05

From: Kernel Jake
Subject: a2ps header date is always Dec 14 02 6:05
Date: Fri, 16 May 2003 00:05:38 -0500

Dear Sir,

I am using a2ps on Redhat 8.0 Linux with lpr/lpd, and an HP OfficeJet K80xi. Everything works fantastically when I specify a command such as:

# a2ps --line-numbers=1 --medium=Letterdj foo.c

But there is one problem: the date in the shaded header at the top of the page is always "Dec 14, 02 6:05" instead of the time at which I print. The date at the bottom of the page is correctly printed ("Thursday May 15, 2003", for example). I also see this behavior when I print to a postscript file and view it with ggv.

What am I doing wrong?

# a2ps --version
GNU a2ps 4.13

# rpm -q a2ps

# date
Thu May 15 23:55:17 CDT 2003

jake angerman

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