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From: John Gatewood Ham
Subject: a2ps-4.13b
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 15:48:53 +0700 (ICT)


    The A4 size you have does not seem to be right for Thailand.
Here all HP laserjet printers have a smaller actual drawing area.
I find these entries in a2ps-site.cfg work well for us:

# Default medium
Medium: HAM             585     802     34      60      561     778
Options: --medium=HAM

You might consider including this information as a commented out line with
a comment that it works for HP laserjet printers in Thailand when
you make a new release.  I notice you have a special 'dj' entry
for deskjets, so I decided why not send you this information
that we use.

Thank you,


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