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Specifying different paper sizes in a2ps-site.cfg

From: Gavin Kelman
Subject: Specifying different paper sizes in a2ps-site.cfg
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 13:12:59 +0100
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We have multiple A4 printers - laserjets and deskjets, and when printing
to the deskjets with a2ps, I need to specify --medium=A4dj on the command

The problem is, there's no way in the a2ps-site.cfg to specify extra
command line options to a2ps, there's only the option to pipe the output
to other commands. I can use "Options:" but that changes the default for
all printers. What I would like is the option to do "Options Printername: 

How can I set each printer to be A4 or A4dj specifically without specifying
it on the command line?


Gavin Kelman

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