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feature-request: no empty last page

From: A.T. Hofkamp
Subject: feature-request: no empty last page
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 10:30:24 +0200 (CEST)


I am quite happy with a2ps, except for one fetaure (which I have seen
with other pretty-printers/formatters/converters as well).

If I have a few empty lines at the end of a source file (and I have not
many sources that do not have empty lines at the bottom), and the
previous page happens to be full of 'real' source code, the empty lines
get printed on a fresh page, which is not very useful, because
there is nothing on those lines that is worth looking at, and it wastes

(For example, assume that at one page, I can print 60 lines.
 I have 55 lines of source, and 10 empty lines at the bottom. 
 a2ps will output 2 pages, the second page will only contain headers and
 I'd like to see a2ps output 1 page only.

Therefore, I'd like to see a2ps being extended not to output empty lines
at the bottom of the file.
(which could be 'on' by default, with an option to turn it off just in
case some-one wants to print empty pages of file (except for the headers
and footers).

If you consider empty lines at the bottom of a file relevant (in most
languages they are not, but let's assume I want to know about them),
a2ps can be considered broken, because I cannot see how many empty lines
there are at the bottom of the file.
If you think empty lines at the bottom are relevant, a2ps should output
some marker that shows where the source file really ends.

PS Something similar happens for lines that end with a lot of
   white-space (eg 70 cheracters source, then 300 spaces).
   I haven't investigated what a2ps does in that case, but at first
   glance I'd consider wrapping lines containing white-space not very

Unlike popular belief, the .doc format is not an open publically available 

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