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a2ps 4.13 -b option is broken

From: Wietse Venema
Subject: a2ps 4.13 -b option is broken
Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 14:16:50 -0400 (EDT)

Using a2ps 4.13 from FreeBSD port.

The a2ps 4.13 -b option is supposed to accept a title that is
printed in page headings.

1) "a2ps -bTITLE" has no effect on the output.

2) "a2ps -b TITLE" causes it to look for a file named TITLE.

3) This is inconsistent with the way getopt is supposed to work.
   When an option needs a value,

        -b TITLE

   should have the same effect as


Please fix, or update the manual page and remove stuff that is


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