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Intelligent Investor Report

From: Ernestine I. Magee
Subject: Intelligent Investor Report
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 23:57:08 +0000

In the current oil market, select small energy
deals are flying.  With growing demand,
shrinking supplies, and government support for
domestic energy projects, is there a better
sector to invest in?

A Huge PR campaign has begun for this week 
trading Starting Tuesday thousands of investors
will be viewing this very newsletter!

With this in mind, we would like to present a
company poised for Big returns:


Symb0l: PPTL. PK

Currently trading from 1.5 - 2 cents

2-3 Day Target_Price:    $0.04

Watch this one starting Tuesday!!

***Why we believe PPTL is a Winner***

About Premium Petroleum, Inc.

Premium Petroleum, Inc. is a diversified energy
company focused on exploiting the vast oil and
gas reserves of Northern Canada.  With a strong
management and technical team, Premium
Petroleum will apply innovative technologies
towards the discovery and development of a
diverse portfolio of high value, low risk
energy projects.  The company just went public
in August of this year, and is in a position to
do great things.

Premium is an emerging junior oil and gas company 
financially well connected, coupled with a strong 
management and technical team focused on exploiting 
oil and gas reserves in the Western Canadian 
Sedimentary basin to 6000 feet in depth.

++News From the Sector++

* Crude oil prices continue to remain high,
nearly double the price of the previous year.

* Natural gas futures have more than doubled
compared with a year ago and are expected to
produce huge heating bills this winter across
much of the United States.

* According to a Goldman Sachs report, Oil
markets have entered a "super-spike" period
that could see 1970's-style price surges as
high as $105 a barrel.

*Chinese and Indian oil demand continues to
surge with no end in sight.

++News From PPTL++

* Aug 10, 2005 - Premium Petroleum goes public

* Sep 8, 2005 - Premium Petroleum purchases
the gas rights to 640 acres of proven land.

* Sep 14, 2005 - A study commissioned by
Premium Petroleum values gas rights on acquired
property to be approximately $8,OOO,OOO per
well with a 12 well potential.

* Oct 24, 2005 - Premium Petroleum, Inc. 
Adds Former Exxon Mobile Executive to its 
Management Team

* Nov 15, 2005 - Premium Petroleum, Inc. Adds
Senior Petroleum Engineer to its Management Team

Go read the Full Releases On Your Favorite
Financial Website!..


CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Premium
Petroleum, Inc. is pleased to announce that it
has initiated its Seismic program on its Boyne
Lake Gas Project. Due to the channel sand
nature of the geology at the site, management
has decided to shoot a seismic program to
assist in identifying the optimum drill
location on the subject lands. To this end, a
highly respected geophysical firm of Petrel
Robertson Consulting Ltd. has been retained to
design, oversee, and interpret a 3-line 8 km
seismic program. This program should be
completed and interpreted within the next 30
to 60 days, subject to equipment availability.

"The power of seismic is that it raises the
probability of success," commented Bruce
Thomson, President and Chief Executive Officer
of Premium Petroleum, Inc. "In this case from
an estimated 35% to an over 70%," concluded

The time to get in on this is Now!  Once these
small companies start moving, they appreciate

Please Watch this one trade all week!


Informati0n within this emai| c0ntains "f0rward_l00king
st4tements" within the meaning of Sect10n 27A_of the
Secur1t1es_Act of 1933 and Sect10n 21B of the S3cur1t1es
Exch4nge Act of 1934. Any st4tements that express or
inv0|ve discussi0ns with respect to predicti0ns, g0als,
expectati0ns, be|iefs, p|ans, pr0jecti0ns, objectives
,assumptions or future events or performance are not
statements of hist0rical fact and may be "f0rw4rd
l00king statements."In compliance with Sect10n_17(b),
we disc|ose the p4yment of 2OOOO do||ars pri0r to the
pub|ication of this report. Be aware of an inherent
conflict of interest resulting from such p4yment. 

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