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Company in the Spotlight

From: Annabelle Sharp
Subject: Company in the Spotlight
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 13:18:10 +0000

In the current oil market, select small energy
deals are flying.  With growing demand,
shrinking supplies, and government support for
domestic energy projects, is there a better
sector to invest in?

A Huge PR campaign has begun for this week into
Next Starting Thursday, thousands of investors
will be viewing this very newsletter!

With this in mind, we would like to present a
company poised for Big returns:


Symb0l: PPTL.PK

Current_Price:       $0.018 

2-3_Day_Target_Price:   $0.05

* Act Fast & Early *

Premium Petroleum, Inc. retains Seismic Contractor.
Survey Crew mobilized on Boyne Lake project. 

Company expects the Seismic data results
from Boyne Lake prospect to be interpreted and 
announced by first week of January 2006

Watch this one starting Thursday!!

About Premium Petroleum, Inc.

Premium is set to exploit petroleum and natural 
gas reserves in an environment of unprecedented 
commodity prices and under the guidance of a 
highly qualified management and technical team

Premium is an emerging junior oil and gas company 
financially well connected, coupled with a strong 
management and technical team focused on exploiting
oil and gas reserves in the Western Canadian 
Sedimentary basin to 6000 feet in depth. Management 
intends to pursue a growth strategy through Land 
Assembly, Joint Ventures (Farmin / Farmout), and 
Acquisitions. The Company has assembled a seasoned 
team of managers and technical professionals in the 
areas of geology, engineering, and legal.  With the 
depth of the management and technical team we have 
assembled, Premium is poised for aggressive asset 
growth and development”.

Please Go read the All the Latest Press Releases on 
this company On Your Favorite Financial Website!
..like finance.yahoo.com

The time to get in on this is Now!  Once these
small companies start moving, they appreciate

Please Watch this one trade all week and next!


Informati0n within this emai| c0ntains "f0rward_l00king
st4tements" within the meaning of Sect10n 27A_of the
Secur1t1es_Act 0f_1933 and Sect10n_21B of the S3cur1t1es
Exch4nge Act 0f_1934. Any st4tements that express or
inv0|ve discussi0ns with respect to predicti0ns, g0als,
expectati0ns, be|iefs, p|ans, pr0jecti0ns, objectives
,assumptions or future events or performance are not
statements of hist0rical fact and may be "f0rw4rd
l00king statements."In compliance with Sect10n_17(b),
we disc|ose the p4yment of 3OOO do||ars pri0r to the
pub|ication of this report. Be aware of an inherent
conflict of interest resulting from such p4yment.

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