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Printing MultiByte Characters

From: Pretty, Bill \(B.\)
Subject: Printing MultiByte Characters
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:42:25 +0800


                Is a2ps able to print Multibyte characters sets? (Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese). We are currently working on a

        prototype to convert our UNiSYS A Series mainframe apps to run on a Linux SuSe9 box.

                Our current system is able to print (under proprietory software) English, Spanish (Single byte), Japanese, Simplified Chinese & Traditional

        Chinese (Double byte) character sets.

                When using a2ps, I was able to print the single byte character set, however when trying to print the Simplified Chinese character set,

        nothing printed to the printer. Since then I have not been able to print anything (Single byte included) to the printer in question using the a2ps

        tool. When I use lpr however, this still works………………………any ideas?    

Regards Bill

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