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a2ps 4.13 Bug or no bug that's the question

From: Luijten, Serve
Subject: a2ps 4.13 Bug or no bug that's the question
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 15:04:12 +0100

this is the third time i try to contact you about a possible problem with a2ps while trying to print Simplex on a duplex printer.
Why don't i get any answer op reaction on the matter?
This was the problem which occured whne printing the generated postscript file after uploading it to a W2000 pc and printing from a DOS prompt with the print command:
we have installed a2ps version 4.13 on a HP-Solaris Unix environment mainly because the postprint command there available does not seem to support an option for single sides printing.
But using this option with a2ps we get no satisfying result i.e. the printer keeps printing double-sided.
We want to establish a direct connection between unix and a known network printer and for testing, as long as there is not yet a printer queue defined on the unix server, we generate a postscript file, ftp it to a workstation and print the file from a command box to the network printer which is able to print double-sided but does this for instance within MS Word only when you select printing on both-sides in the printer settings.
To generate the appropriate postscript file (landscape, single sided, one virtual page per fysical page) we used the following command string:
a2ps prttest3.asc -r -s1 -B --borders=no -1 -l132 -o prttest3_s.ps
The printfile is a two-page ascii file where the second page is preceeded with a newpage string (see attachement).
I have allso included the generated postscript file.
We printed the file on three different printers (HP laserjet 4000 and HP 4650odn color printer) with the same result.
Kind regards,
Servé Luijten
Atos Origin BAS Zuid 
Vonderweg 11
5611 BK Eindhoven
+31 (0)40-275 70 27 - fax +31 (0)40-275 62 09

Mobiel 06-23494806

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