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bug when trying to pretty print xml

From: Burak Emir
Subject: bug when trying to pretty print xml
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 12:18:11 +0200
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a2ps is an excellent tool that most of the time does what I want.

However, here's a problem: I want to print some XML using the html stylesheet.

$ a2ps -B -1 --borders=no --delegate=NO --pretty-print=html -o po.xml.ps po.xml
[po.html (HTML): 57 pages on 57 sheets]
[Total: 57 pages on 57 sheets] saved into the file `po.xml.ps'
[97 lines wrapped]

57 sheets ?! Postscript source code?!!

The problem is, po.xml is a really small file, 15 lines or so, and in fact a2ps produces now "PostScript inside PostScript"

What I get from the html style file is that I have to turn delegations off, but somehow this doesn't seem to be the whole story...


%%Title: po.xml
%%For: Burak Emir
%%Creator: a2ps version 4.13
%%CreationDate: Mon May  8 12:13:20 2006
/tab 8 def
/x0 0 def
/y0 0 def

%%Page: (1) 1
/pagesave save def
iso1dict begin
llx lly 0 add translate
/v 0 store
/x0 x v get 4.703931 add sx cw mul add store
/y0 y v get bfs  sub store
x0 y0 moveto
(%!PS-Adobe-3.0) p n
(%%Title: po.xml) N
(%%For: Burak Emir) N
(%%Creator: a2ps version 4.13) N
(%%CreationDate: Mon May  8 12:07:40 2006) N
(%%BoundingBox: 24 24 571 818) N
(%%DocumentData: Clean7Bit) N
(%%Orientation: Portrait) N

Burak Emir


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