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a2ps-4.13c compile fix on uclibc (patch included)

From: Yuri Vasilevski
Subject: a2ps-4.13c compile fix on uclibc (patch included)
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 13:06:53 -0500


a2ps fails to compile on uclibc systems. This is with a2ps-4.13c
(gentoo package app-text/a2ps-4.13c-r4) on uclibc-0.9.28 on a gentoo
embedded system.

The configure script detects that fnmatch function is broken, but the
replacement provided in the lib dir does not work as expected because of
two problems:
1) the configure script correctly redefines fnmatch to rpl_fnmatch, but
   the replacement defines fnmatch (so rpl_fnmatch is undefined).
2) uclibc aiming to be GNU libc compatible defines __GNU_LIBRARY__, so
   the check inside fnmatch.c for some reason decides that the configure
   script was wrong and that there is no need to build the
   replacement. :-S

For more details please see gentoo bug:

Best wishes,

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