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A2PS parameters

Subject: A2PS parameters
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 08:51:36 +0200



I’m a new user of a2ps, and I’m looking for how to manage multiple print requests of a file with it.


I tested the “—copies” parameter, but, it print the copy of pages of a file and I need to print multiple copy of a file.


I saw on Internet few help about man page of a2ps, and I found out something matching with what I need to do, but

I can’t make it running.


At this URL: http://www.tu-berlin.de/zrz/software/utilities/psutils/a2ps.html


I saw this “-#num” in positional options.


Can you explain to me, how it works.


Thank’s for help.


Positional options

Positional options are applied to all files that will be found in the rest of the command line. The -H option is the only exception: it is applied only to the next file. Positional options offered by a2ps are the following:
-1 Print only one page per physical page (single page mode).
-2 Print two pages per physical page (twinpage mode), side by side or up-down, depending on the printing mode (landscape or portrait).
-#num To get multiple copies of output, where num is the number of copies desired of each file named. By default, you get only one copy.






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