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fixps: a fatal bug, with a fix

From: Arnold Boothroyd
Subject: fixps: a fatal bug, with a fix
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 16:14:13 -0400 (EDT)

The fixps 1.6 (GNU a2ps 4.13) shell script (with Linux Fedora Core 5) can fail with an error message such as

mkdir: cannot create directory `/tmp/fixps.WP4474': File exists

This appears to be due to the fact that the command (near the beginning of fixps) creating the temporary directory with mktemp, namely:

  tmpdir=$(mktemp -d /tmp/$program.XXXXXX)

is followed (near the middle of fixps) by another command to created this temporary directory with mkdir, namely:

  mkdir $tmpdir

This bug appears to be fixed by adding a test for the existence of the temporary directory around this latter statement, converting it to:

  if ! ( test -d $tmpdir ) ; then
    mkdir $tmpdir

Best wishes,


Dr. Arnold I. Boothroyd
CITA, U. of Toronto          tel: (416) 978-5759
60 St. George Street         fax: (416) 978-3921
Toronto, Ontario          E-mail: address@hidden
Canada  M5S 3H8              WWW: http://www.cita.utoronto.ca/~boothroy/

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