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From: Harrison Picot
Subject: fixps
Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2008 16:38:52 -0500
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Hi ,
when printing from Solaris 10, I get an error that my file was not printed because fixps did not find fixmps. When I run just the fixps against the file, like this

$ fixps -o /tmp/out /tmp/WebbH1B.ps
fixps: splitting lines too long.
fixps: fixing Frame Maker broken prologue.

It apparently finds the files and, in this case, outputs exactly that same file as it took in. One thought that I had was that the fixps is being called with its full path (from where,
I have no idea) and lp actually has no idea where fixmps is.

Last, I am using maker 7.2, I wonder if this whole thing is still a problem?

Harrison Picot
Haymarket VA

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