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A2ps & Lexmark X854E

From: Go, Lorree
Subject: A2ps & Lexmark X854E
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 11:46:33 -0700

Hi Folks,

When printing to a Lexmark X854E printer, I can issue the "a2ps" print
command one time, and the file will print perfectly fine.  However, if I
immediately issue a second a2ps command, the printer goes into a
"flushing buffer" state, and will not clear.  As soon as I issue the
third a2ps command, the "flushing buffer" situation is cleared on the
printer, and the file prints.  (Two total files printed.)

Subsequently a fourth command issued results in the "flushing buffer"
error, until the fifth commands is issued, and so on.  One success, one
failure; one success, one failure; etc.

I'm using a2ps version 4.13, on a Red Hat Linux RHEL4 system, and have
tested two other Lexmark printers, the W840 and C772, and both worked as
expected, with files printing for every command issued.

Don't really know if this is an a2ps issue, but thought I'd pass it


Lorree Go
BCA Unix System Administration
(425) 234-1284  67-LF

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