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RE: Arabic printing in Solaris - a2ps support for iso-8859-6 {PUBLIC} {I

From: Senthilvelan Manickam
Subject: RE: Arabic printing in Solaris - a2ps support for iso-8859-6 {PUBLIC} {INTERNAL}
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 13:22:06 +0300

Dear James,

I have generated a edf file for CP1256 along the same lines as provided by you 
for iso-6 and did the required configuration for using it. But the generated PS 
file does not have characters to be printed in the target encoding 

I am attaching the arabic file, the edf file and the generated PS file for your 
reference. Please help us which layer is responsible for this code page 
conversion and why it is not happening for CP1256.

PS: The iso-6 encoded PS file also has the same issue.


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To: Senthilvelan Manickam
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Subject: Re: Arabic printing in Solaris - a2ps support for iso-8859-6 {PUBLIC} 

> Please share me the iso-8859-6.edf file. I shall have a look at the
> below for having the corresponding font.

This is an initial iso-8859-6.edf file; it will need a default font line added. 
 And there are some extended versions of 8859-6 in the wild; using one of those 
may be worthwhile because there are 44 character codes not used, as compared to 
most of the 8859 character sets.

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